What makes working at A+ AWESOME?

  • 1/2 Day Fridays. You should have a life outside of work. Working a 1/2 day on each Friday will allow you to get a jump on the weekend so you can spend more time with friends and family.

  • The People. We really care a lot about working beside people who are fun, energetic and hard-working. Work isn’t so much about what’s you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with.

  • Get Paid what you’re Worth. We have an amazing software system that easily isolates your performance and you will receive this feedback regularly. This is not a job where you won’t know how well you’re doing, or how to make a bigger paycheque.

  • Cash Bonus System. We have 4 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that we monitor our performance with. If we have a team that’s streamlined and aligned, our customers will be well served, the business will make money, and you will make more with our monthly bonuses.

  • Work outside. British Columbia is beautiful and we get to work in it everyday. Sometimes we’re out in the Shuswap by the lake, and other times we’re in the mountains around Sun Peaks. One thing is for sure, the background is always spectacular!

  • Training. Self-betterment is a big deal at A+. We feel like we should always be pushing to get better–both as people and as a business. You will learn things in this job that will benefit you for years to come.

  • Climb Stuff. Have you ever looked at a building and thought “Hmmm, that would kind of be fun to climb on?” That is we do here. For work. Awaken your inner ninja.

STARTING WAGES - Min. $21/hr (no experience) to $28/hr

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED just a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

We perform gutter and window cleaning as well as pressure washing for residential, commercial and strata properties. We generally work in teams of 2 and there is lots of variety both in our job sizes, as well as what we’re doing for each customer. The work is moderately physical and it’s always super busy so the days pass by super quickly. We do work on roofs for gutter cleaning (with fall protection), and we use extension ladders frequently, so applicants need to be comfortable working at heights (in safe situations). Each day we have a scoreboard published so you can see the results of yesterday’s efforts, and it’s tied into our cash bonus system–how cool is that??

A+ cleaning on ladder


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Since 2008 we have been working on building a business that does three things:

  1. ‘Wow’ our customers with an amazing service.
  2. Make a profit as a business.
  3. Love on our employees.

Everyone wins with a business like A+!

A+ cleaning on ladder

We are ready to do your job!

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