Gutter Cleaning the old fashioned way.

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Having clean gutters is an important part of home maintenance. With clogged gutters, rain water will splash over the lip and because it isn’t being properly diverted, it could seep back into your home’s foundation causing a flood, cause soil erosion, or rot the portion of the roof that meets the gutter. A simple gutter clean could prove to be an excellent investment!

There are a lot of products on the market that make claims to doing an excellent gutter clean with new technology such as shop vacuums, remote controlled robots or water fed pole systems. The truth is, we have been cleaning gutters for a long time, and after experimenting with these sorts of products, we found that like many things, the old fashioned way does the best job. Vacuums will plug, robots will spin out when exposed to extreme debris, and water fed poles do little to actually remove dirt and leaves, but the contoured scoops that we use always do a great job regardless of what is in your gutters.

Safety is always our first priority on any job site. If we are able to access the guttersfrom the roof (when the slope and shingle type allows) we follow WCB standards for fall protection, meaning we wear full body harnesses that are connected to a secure anchor point. If we are not able to walk on the roof, we will get to the gutter by ladder. Stand off bars are used so that we don’t actually set the ladder on the medal of the gutter, but rather the edge of the roof just above. We shim our way along, scooping as we go and placing the gutter remnants into buckets. If you do not have a suitable place for us to dump the waste, we will take it away for you and dispose of it ourselves.

While we are on your roof, we will check to make sure that everything is functioning okay, and let you know if we spot anything worth mentioning. We carry an extensive line of gutter protection installs which protect your eaves from collecting debris in the future by acting as a filter.

We would love prove to you how great our gutter cleaning is, book an estimate to make it happen!