Kamloops Window Cleaning

Kamloops Window Cleaning

After a summer of employment at a cleaning company in a nearby town, Caleb Del Begio consulted his university school-mate Brandon Lazar on a business proposition. “Window Cleaning”, Caleb opened the discussion with. With a puzzled look on Brandon’s face, he began to explain the potential of opening such a business, especially if it is done with the utmost of professionalism (a trait that can be scarce in such an industry). Slowly Brandon began to see what Caleb was getting at; success could be solely based on the need to take a young and clean approach to something that has been around for ages. We are not thinking outside the ‘box’- we are dead center inside the ‘box’; simply stated, success means that we must perform our services better than anyone else! Before long a hand shake was exchanged and a partnership was formed.

We began in 2008 with an idea drawn out on a napkin. Today, A+ Gutter & Window Cleaning has developed into a competitive, professionally run company servicing both residential and commercial properties. Our customer service, quality of work and reasonable price points are what makes us what we are today. It’s all good!
When you call or email into A+ Gutter & Window Cleaning Kamloops for an estimate, you will be in contact with our Manager, and owner, Brandon Lazar. Brandon will take care of all your needs and it is his job to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your job, as per our A+ Guarantee. It is imperative that you receive an outstanding service so that we can continue to prosper in the Kamloops market for years to come.

Thank you Kamloops for allowing us to grow in our wonderful city!

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A+ Window Cleaning Team