Post Construction Window Cleaning

When the dust settles from construction the windows of a home are always left with assorted dust and debris. A thorough cleaning is the finishing touch to any new construction.

Professional Window Cleaning

We completely clean the sills & tracks of the windows from any accumulated dust and debris. Then we remove any film and stickers from the window and use our professional window cleaning method to ensure your new home shines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Window cleaning should be the last thing that is done on your project, after all trades have left.
We work on everything from small renovations in homes to large multi-unit buildings.
A+ cleaning on ladder


With the windows clean and clear your new construction can shine.

Of course, we have the A+ Guarantee which means you have to be completely happy with the job done, or we will keep working until you are 100% satisfied. We know we have done our job properly when you are happy to the point where you would have us back again, an outcome that we will always strive for.

We would love prove to you how great our window cleaning is, book an estimate to make it happen!

A+ cleaning on ladder

We are ready to do your job!

We have the right tools, equipment and training to do the job safely and efficiently!