Salmon Arm Window Cleaners

The founder of A+ Gutter & Window Cleaning, Brandon Lazar, was born and raised in Salmon Arm. After graduating from Salmon Arm Secondary in 2006, he moved out to Kamloops to attend Thompson Rivers University. In 2008 he started A+ Gutter and Window Cleaning while attending full time business school. In the beginning we were just a couple of teenagers with a ladder and a borrowed van, but after much hard work and willingness to improve we grew our business to a substantial size servicing thousands of homes in the Kamloops market. We have put a tremendous focus on revamping our systems in order to deliver the best possible gutter or window cleaning possible. We now have a recipe that does a fantastic job for our customers with consistency, quality and efficiency.

We always find it very easy to convey the benefits of having a professional company clean your windows and gutters. Anybody can clean (or try to clean) a window, but to do it with safety, efficiency and quality in mind is another story.

Window Cleaning Safely
Over the decade that we’ve been in business we’ve researched our trade and spent a tremendous amount of time to source and evaluate the best possible equipment. In order to do window or gutter cleaning safely a substantial amount of capital must be invested in the highest quality ladders, stand off bars, leveling systems, harnesses and ropes… These are all pieces of equipment that we have acquired in order to do the job in the safest manner possible. If you’re struggling with a rickety old ladder, you’re putting yourself at a significant risk right off the bat.

Window Cleaning Efficiently
Time is valuable–in fact, it’s one of the most finite resources we have! If you’re able to do your job or enjoy your time off while having a crew of professionals do a job in a fraction of the time wouldn’t you say that’s a good idea. Most homes only take us one to two hours to clean all the windows and gutters. We have heard that these tasks can take a homeowner an entire weekend because they are not as geared for the tasks nor are they as fast as professionals that do it full time.

Window Cleaning Quality
This is the tough one! It simply is not possible to deliver high-level results when you’re trying to clean windows with windex and paper towel. The glass may look passable at first glance, but as soon as the sun hits the windows all the imperfections of the clean will show through. We have professional grade equipment that will properly clean virtually any windows regardless of hard water stains, caked on debris or mud. When access is a concern, we have carbon fibre water fed poles that dispense pure water leaving a streak free finish.

All in all we have developed our business to offer a great job at a reasonable price. If you would like a free quote on our services, please fill out the form on the right hand side of the screen or give us a call at 250-803-1683 and we will get your window cleaning or gutter cleaning in motion.

We look forward to earning your business! 🙂