Why Strata & Multi-Unit complexes ?

We service many stratas and have an easy quoting & booking process so every owner has the information they need and receives the best possible service.

Best Possible Service

While our cleaning processes for stratas are the same as for a single residence, the difference is in our approach. To guarantee the best possible service for each unit we work out a site plan that takes us logically through each part of even the largest job so nothing is missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookings can be made through a property management service or with a strata representative.

The pricing can be made out as a per unit cost or as a total for all work depending on the work.

A+ cleaning on ladder


The work is complete and every member of your strata has been taken care of!

Of course, we have the A+ Guarantee which means you have to be completely happy with the job done, or we will keep working until you are 100% satisfied. We know we have done our job properly when you are happy to the point where you would have us back again, an outcome that we will always strive for.

We’d love prove to you how great our services are, book an estimate to make it happen!

A+ cleaning on ladder

We are ready to do your job!

We have the right tools, equipment and training to do the job safely and efficiently!