Earlier this year I received a phone call inquiring about our services. After a brief conversation about who we are and what we do the lady on the phone asked a very defining question: why should I hire A+ Gutter & Window Cleaning?

My response is broken down as follows:

The 3 things that are important to me as a business owner are…

Quality: we have a regimented training program for all of our employees that values hard work and the constant strive to get better. They recognize the sensitivity that comes with working on another person’s property which brings on an unparalleled level of attention to detail.

Efficiency: we have the right equipment, training, and experience to do the job quickly since this is all we do! Instead of you spending an entire weekend trying to clean your windows on a shaky ladder or scooping debris out of your gutters from that steep rooftop, having us do it will likely cost less than you think!

Safety: too often you hear about a do-it-yourselfer who was injured trying to do something they weren’t trained or equipped for. Walking on rooftops for gutter cleaning and using high ladders to clean windows are something we deal with every day. With a combination of experience, training and the right equipment we are proud to boast an accident-free track record as we head into our seventh year serving Kamloops.

Give us a call today to book your gutter or window cleaning with A+ Gutter & Window Cleaners!