Often we are asked, “Why should we hire you”? Over the last 10 years of providing gutter and window cleaning in Vernon, Kamloops, Kelowna and Salmon Arm the answer is simple:

  1. Safety. All of our employees go through extensive training, both in the technical aspects of our work, but also is customer service and safety. As a window cleaning company, we spare no expense when it comes to our ladders, stabilizers, stand-off bars, harnesses and lanyards.From a risk standpoint, there is simply no comparison to someone who is on a rickety old ladder that is perhaps ill-suited for the job, and who has little or no training or experience.Past that, because we are a legitimate gutter and window cleaning company, we are fully covered with WorksafeBC, and third party liability insurance. WorksafeBC is a form of insurance that covers our workers in the event of injury on your property. Not all service providers have an account with WCB and that can leave the homeowner in a very vulnerable position if something were to go wrong. Third Party Liability Insurance covers against any damage to your property. We have not had a claim in 10 years, but when you stop and consider the commercial nature of our operations, with ladders that can extend 4 stories high and working with equipment on rooftops, it’s a good idea to have insurance.Gutter and window cleaning is an industry that is notorious for fly by night operators who can offer a low price upfront, but you simply are not getting the same value if the are bypassing on the very important coverages.
  2. Quality. It’s hard to believe that for over a decade, we have been cleaning gutters and windows! It may come as a surprise but gutter and window cleaning can be very technical and challenging. Access issues, environmental factors and the property’s condition each have to be considered before we start a job.Each year we’ve encountered increasingly challenging jobs–both in size and scope. We have the right tools, such as our carbon fiber water-fed pole with a deionization filtration system, to get the best possible results. The right tools coupled with on-the-job experience and training is what will deliver those sparkly clean windows, or those debris-free gutters.
  3. Efficiency. I remember as a child when my mother used to clean our home’s windows. Out came the windex and the bathroom towels. Hours and days would go by before the project was complete, and the results were never stellar (by my mother’s own admission, not mine). 🙂 After two days, $25 in windex and paper towel, and some achy bones, the windows had been cleaned.When A+ Gutter & Window Cleaning cleans your windows or gutters, we are usually in and out of a standard home in just over an hours time. We have the specialized tools which facilitate in both the quality and speed to do the work. We can even do the cleaning when you are at work or out and about, so you don’t even have to be home for the appointment.