A+ Window Cleaning

Some people think that the window cleaning process is a simple one. This may be true in perfect circumstances, where the windows are hardly dirty, are waist high, and they are located in the shade. Professional window cleaning, however, requires more skills and experience than may be assumed. The staff at A+ have been fully trained to take your dirty windows, regardless of how high they are, or what the slope of the nearby ground is. They will be transformed into sparkling, transparent objects.

To start, we survey the area to see what the best way is to gain access for the window cleaning. While keeping safety as our number one priority. Once we have determined how we will access the glass (whether by rooftop, ladder or in extreme instances, by man lift) we will carefully setup our chosen method. When we are within arm’s reach of the window, we are ready to clean!

WINDOW CLEANING - average exterior home cleaning $149

Window Cleaning Process

The window is wetted down with a special tool called a T-bar, which is soaked in an eco friendly, water-based solution. If needed a razor blade will safely remove any caked on debris such as paint, mud or tree pitch. This process is completely safe with glass and it does not leave any scratches whatsoever. Once the major particles have been removed, the window is wetted for a second time with the T-bar, making sure to hit every square inch of glass. Next, we take a micro fibre towel and dry all the edges. Which if forgotten, can drip down once we have left causing a streak. Finally, we take an appropriate sized squeegee and remove all the window cleaning solution from your window.

The windows in your home are your view to the world. Often times our customers are amazed at the results, and usually they don’t even realize how dirty they were to begin with.

A+ has the right training, tools and equipment to get your windows cleaned safely and efficiently. Give us a call or request a quote, and we will take care of your panes. =)

A+ Window Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this process is completely safe on glass and it does not leave any scratches.

If we are cleaning your exterior windows only, you do not need to be home for the visit. Many of our customers are busy, and this makes the job way more convenient. When we have completed the job, we will leave a door hanger that outlines what we did for you, and an invoice will be emailed to you. When you’ve had a chance to evaluate the work, and you are happy with what you’ve received, you can square up with our office.

No. We want you to be happy with the work that you receive and we do not ask for a deposit or prepayment.

We have a 36’ latter that can reach roughly 4 stories in the air. Past that, we do have a 65’ man lift which can reach all windows on a 6 story building. No matter how high in the air your window are, we have the right tools, training and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently!

Hard water stains form when the chemicals and sediments in water get baked into the glass. It is the same thing you will often see in a glass shower or on a window next to sprinklers—it looks similar to dried water dropplets. The challenge here is that it really depends how long and how severe the staining is. If it’s lite to moderate, we are generally able to remove it without issue, but if it’s too far progressed it may not be possible to revive the window.

A+ cleaning on ladder


Your windows are now clean and streak free!

Of course, we have the A+ Guarantee which means you have to be completely happy with the job done, or we will keep working until you are 100% satisfied. We know we have done our job properly when you are happy to the point where you would have us back again, an outcome that we will always strive for.

We’d love prove to you how great our window cleaning is, quickly request a quote to make it happen!

A+ cleaning on ladder

We are ready to do your job!

We have the right tools, equipment and training to do the job safely and efficiently!